What Harm Thumb-sucking May Do to Children’s Dental Health 

Thumb Sucking


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Thumb sucking is a normal instinct for a youngster, and many children begin while still in the womb. Thumb sucking becomes problematic only when it gets chronic and lasts well beyond infancy. It is at this point that oral health difficulties become obvious. 

According to the Canadian Orthodontic Society, if thumb sucking stops before seven, teeth may frequently correct themselves via natural development. However, data reveals that one in every eight children aged seven to eleven has a long-term digit-sucking habit. If the behaviour is continued after the age of seven, the position of the adult teeth can be permanently altered, making self-correction less likely. This emphasizes the need to halt thumb-sucking at a young age. 

If thumb sucking becomes a long-term practice, the consequences for dental health can be severe and long-term. A crossbite, an anterior open bite, a malformed palate, and even trouble eating are all possibilities. 

Not only the Canadian Orthodontic Society has recognized the negative impact of thumb sucking on dental health. There is an increasing corpus of evidence from a variety of sources. Iranian experts have noted thumb sucking can lead to significant complications such as speech impairment, irregularities in teeth, malocclusion, and intra-oral ulcers. 

Dental specialists said that anterior open and posterior crossbites are the most frequent malocclusions associated with prolonged sucking habits. While the ORIS Dental Clinics state, thumb sucking can affect the roof of the mouth or how the teeth line up. And organizations, including the Canadian Dental Association and the Journal of Dentistry, Medicine and Medical Sciences, have also published articles advocating using thumb guards.

Why Is Young Children's Oral Health So Important?

According to the Dental Health Foundation, 51% of Canadians said they neglected their dental health when they were younger. It emphasizes the significance of providing our children with the tools they need to keep a healthy mouth and educating them on why it is so vital. 

You may give your child a healthy smile for life by establishing good oral health in them from an early age. A healthy smile is one of the finest presents an adult can offer their child, as it will prevent them from future unpleasant procedures and increase their confidence and self-esteem. 

Please take National Smile Month to monitor your kids’ dental health and seek ways to improve it. While your child may not give thanks now, they will most likely do so in the future, thanks to the campaign’s ability to give them a long-lasting, healthy grin.

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