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A beautiful smile enhances the beauty and visibility of your entire face and even helps you feel better about yourself. Furthermore, you might be interested in learning that a smile’s composition, alignment, and arrangement of the front teeth, lips, and gums all contribute to its beauty. Treating the design of your smile and the appearance of your face is our ultimate goal when using this approach. Furthermore, we are very concerned with our patients’ satisfaction. Based on your preferences, ORIS Smile Design offers a series of virtual smile designs and treatment planning that the dentist will afterwards carry out in your actual smile.

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What is Oris Smile Design?

ORIS Smile Design help to meet the standards that you deserve. In fact, our dentists use simple photos to design a case in just a matter of minutes (as short as the amount of time an X-Ray will take). Thereafter, with a single click, dentists can make a realistic simulation of the patient’s smile outcome and discuss the potential transformation with their patients.

Our ORIS Smile Design team will create a cosmetic plan and simulation for you, guaranteeing a stunning smile to you. In detail, we map the current situation of your teeth, lips, gums, and jaw to understand their relationships better. Also, your goals and desires are essential to us. Getting to know what you want from us and how you expect your smile to turn out is an important part of our process. ORIS Smile Design gives you a sense of flexibility and accountability, allowing us as dentists and patients to achieve results in better communication and better control over final results.

How Is
Oris Smile Design Done?

Firstly, we start our consultations with a careful and detailed examination of the patient’s facial and dental characteristics. This approach designs a digital smile that is provided by taking digital images of the whole picture, incorporating personality and facial features. Furthermore, the software will display these images to choose the best design for the individual’s smile. Then, based on the images taken from the patient’s face, we design using videos, photography, X-rays, and 3D imagery. Each patient’s before-and-after video can help us simulate the outcome of the treatment before we begin.

Prior to the procedure, our dentists can show you images of your “pre-model,” You have the option to alter their design if you’re not happy with the outcome. In essence, the procedure will start as soon as our patients provide their consent. What works best for you and what we both agree upon will be the kind of content we select. We provide composite materials and porcelain.

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The Benefits of Using ORIS Smile Design

  • The possibility of seeing the smile’s design before starting the treatment 
  • Boost patient’s self-confidence  
  • Each patient’s design is appropriate to the person’s face and preferences, and expectations 
  • No need for “too” special medical and dental equipment 
  • More beautiful and better smile! 

Finally, you have more opportunities to express what you need, desire, and expect while using this way. Facilitating communication among team members of Digital Smile Designing will enable us to deliver the necessary outcomes more quickly. Using this technique, you can create a smile that is distinctive to you and matches your character.

What's Stopping You from Getting Oris Smile Design?

I just don't have the time

We here at ORIS Dental Clinics know that life is busy these days. It can be hard to find time to take care of yourself. But don’t be afraid. We have appointments that work for you. Just give us a call, and we’ll make sure you get the best time to come see us.

I just think my teeth won't look natural

In the event that you select ORIS Digital Smile Design, you might have artificial teeth. But if you let our dentists at ORIS Dental Clinics handle the process, they will definitely look natural. Providing you with the greatest service and making sure the final product is long-lasting and aesthetically beautiful are our top priority.

The Dental Office Scares Me

Many people are afraid of dental work. However, you can unwind in a warm and welcoming environment at our dental clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Our dentists make sure there’s nothing to be concerned about. They also clarify each step they take and guarantee that the procedure won’t do any harm.

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Digital Smile Design near Me?

Digital Smile Design is one of the main forefronts of dental technology, making sure the best dental care treatment for each patient. With ORIS Smile Design, our dentists will create a treatment plan unique to your dental needs and give you the smile you deserve. Visit our office today to get top-quality service from the most experienced and well-known doctors in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Your dentist may refer you to our clinic by filling out our secure online Digital Smile Design referral form.

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