Best Foods to Eat After Oral Surgery or Treatment

Best Foods to Eat After Oral Surgery or Treatment


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Even though it might be tempting to eat a big meal after a long day at the dentist, your dentists or oral surgeons at ORIS Dental Clinics might tell you to stick to soft foods. For example, after getting dental implants or having your wisdom teeth removed, you need to eat soft foods to heal your bone and gums. Below is a list of the best foods to eat after oral surgery or other procedures to stay full and help your body heal.

Why Is It Better to Eat Soft Foods?

Oral surgery can include putting in a dental implant, tooth extraction, bone graft, wisdom teeth removal, or root canal therapy. Your jaw and mouth may feel sore after the treatment. Eating soft foods after dental surgery will help to soothe an open wound and keep you from biting down on the treated tooth. So, eating soft foods helps make sure that you heal and get better after surgery.


You can eat soups and broths without worrying about hurting the area where you had surgery because they are smooth and creamy. Soups are also full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, so they would help you get the nutrients you need during the day. Also, they have a lot of water, which will keep you from dehydrating. But wait until the soup or broth has cooled before eating it. After an extraction, it can hurt even more to drink hot soup.

Soups Are Good Foods to Eat after Oral Surgery


Smoothies can replace whole meals and are smooth. Add vegetables, yogurt, or protein powder to the mix to get more protein. But don’t use a straw for drinking your smoothie. Make sure to use a spoon for the first few days after your oral surgery.

Smoothies Are Good Foods after Oral Surgery


Greek yogurt, in particular, is full of protein. Yogurt can also help relieve pain that is in your mouth because of how smooth and cool it is. But you can eat any yogurt while you’re getting better. Please make sure there are no chunks of fruit or other foods in it.

Yogurt Is Good after Oral Surgery

Mashed Potatoes

The calories in this soft food can give your body the energy it needs to handle a day. Try mashed potatoes if you’re having trouble eating after surgery. Since they have a lot of nutrients and carbs, a small amount gives you a lot.

Mashed Potato Is Good after Oral Surgery


Eggs are another good source of protein, depending on how you cook them. Start by scrambling them, making them easier to chew and swallow. But as you can chew some other food, you will be able to try different ways.

Eggs Are Good Foods after Oral Surgery


Cheese is full of probiotics, which help the body heal faster. Just pay attention to how you eat it! Remember that you won’t be able to chew it, so shred it into thin pieces or add it to your meal.

Cheese Is Good after Oral Surgery


Oatmeal is both filling and very good for you. But it can also be hard to chew and sticky. Because of this, you should wait a few days before eating this food.

Oatmeal Is Good after Oral Surgery


If you have a lot of inflammation, you should try eating salmon in small pieces. This fish has a lot of healthy fats, like omega-3 acids, which can reduce swelling and help the body heal.

Salmon Is Good after Oral Surgery


Avocados are called “power foods” for a reason. They have vitamins, good fats, potassium, protein, and other things. If you don’t like how this food tastes, you can try putting it in smoothies or other foods.

Avocado Is Good after Oral Surgery


During your healing, you can’t eat a lot of fruit because many of them are hard. If you’re tired of smoothies, you can switch to applesauce. This food might help your immune system, so you’ll get better faster.

Applesauce Is Good after Oral Surgery

Bananas (Mashed)

Bananas are a good source of minerals and vitamins like potassium, manganese, folate, and others. They are also soft, which makes them simple to chew. But it would be best if you still mashed them up before eating them.

Mashed Bananas Are Good Foods after Oral Surgery

Ice Cream

Ice cream can help remove the pain in your mouth because it is cold. But make sure you choose something healthy. If you don’t, you won’t get much out of it, even though it tastes good.

Ice Cream Is Good after Oral Surgery

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