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Depending on the severity of the damage and infection, only root canal therapy can save your teeth. However, a root canal tooth can last a lifetime if properly cared for. You may not enjoy having a root canal procedure, but sometimes it is necessary when tooth decay progresses and results in unbearable dental pain. When the cavity reaches the inside of the tooth, you must see your dentist and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Despite the high success rate, you may need to have the procedure repeated. In this article, you’ll learn about several elements influencing root canal length.

Why Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

To get rid of the bacteria, prevent reinfection, and save your natural tooth, there is a root canal procedure on your infected tooth. The dentist opens an infected tooth’s top during this procedure, and the diseased pulp or nerve is extracted from the tooth using specialized tools. Prior to filling and sealing, the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and sanitized. The pain will go right away. But after the procedure, your tooth can be uncomfortable for a few days. This is because your tooth will not have any live pulp tissue, and the periodontal ligament will hold it together.

Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Root Canals

Root canal therapy has an extremely high rate of success. The research found that 86% of root canals last ten years or more, 92% last five years, and 98% last year. Therefore, these procedures carried out by endodontists might last up to ten years. The several elements that impact how long root canals last include the ones listed below:

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Treatment Timing

Administering treatment in a timely manner has better benefits than delayed treatment. However, when a tooth’s health deteriorates before treatment, complications are more likely, significantly, if a root canal infection affects the jaw.

Extent of Decay

When your dentist addresses tooth decay in its early stages, the root canal will have a better outcome and last longer. However, if the decay is severe, the infection might spread to the jaw, necessitating the removal and sealing of more tooth tissue.

Age of the Patient

As we age, our teeth become increasingly fragile and prone to breaking. This, too, will influence how long it will last. There is a tendency to choose dental crowns over dental fillings in molar restoration situations because they help shield the tooth from stress.

Timing and Restoration Quality

Following root canal therapy, it will be necessary to restore the tooth with a permanent dental filling or crown. This restoration’s quality, as well as its timing, is crucial. It is best to visit your dentist as soon as possible in order to fix your tooth. If you wait longer than the suggested time between your root canal and restoration, your tooth will be more vulnerable to issues.

Tooth Location

The location of a tooth can influence the success of root canal treatment. For example, the front teeth are simpler to remove since they have just one root. However, the roots of your molars and premolars are two or three. As a result, they are challenging to treat, and there may be an impact on their lifespan.

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Proper Maintenance

In addition to the treatment’s quality and time, proper maintenance can extend the root canal’s lifespan. You need to practice good dental hygiene, make appointments, and receive treatment for issues as soon as they appear.

Treatment Quality

When an endodontist administers the procedure, there is an improvement in the quality of treatment. The result is significantly influenced by how effectively tooth restoration works. You should only have root canal treatment performed by a qualified dentist if your tissue is infected.

We must find out how long it will last since many factors exist. However, it is a successful procedure that lets you keep an infected tooth, and when carried out by a board-certified endodontist, it’s likely to survive a decade or more.

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