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Hearing you need root canals is probably one of the worst things that can happen at the dentist. Most of us are afraid of this treatment because people have made up stories about how painful and uncomfortable it is. But if you know what’s going to happen and why you’ll be less likely to worry about things that don’t make sense. It also makes the treatment easier and more convenient for both you and your root canal dentist. When you know more, you always feel less afraid.

In this blog, we’ll briefly discuss five important things about root canal therapy that everyone should know.

Root Canals Keep Your Teeth Safe

People often think extracting an infected tooth is the best thing to do because it hurts so much. But wait a minute! Taking out a tooth is not the best choice, especially since it often leads to losing more teeth later.

The goal of root canals is to get rid of the infection without hurting the tooth. During a root canal, we will remove all of the infected dental pulp from the root of your tooth while leaving the rest of the tooth in place. And root canalled teeth can last for the rest of your life if you take good care of them.

Root Canals Save Money & Time in the Long Run

Root canals are easy and quick. All you need is a crown to fix your tooth and protect the part that is still healthy. Compare that to the need for reconstruction after losing one or more teeth, getting an abscess, or having other health problems caused by an infection, and it’s easy to see why a root canal is the best choice.

Root Canals Aren't Typically Painful

People often worry that a root canal will be painful, but the truth is that root canals usually relieve pain, and many people don’t feel any pain during the procedure. In fact, endodontists, dentists specializing in treating tooth pain with root canals, are the best at doing so.

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Root Canals Are Necessary to Stop the Spread of Infection

The bacteria could spread to other parts of your body if you don’t get a root canal to clean out an infected root. It can get into your gums, bones, and even your bloodstream. When the bacteria get past your tooth, you can get a dental abscess, which is a very dangerous pocket of infection.

An abscess can become very painful very quickly and has the power to destroy gums and bones. If you don’t take care of an abscess right away, it could hurt your whole mouth. Don’t avoid getting a root canal because you think it will get better on its own.

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene Is Still Important

Even though you don’t have to worry about losing the tooth after a root canal, it is still very important to take care of your teeth and gums so that they don’t get infected or decay, which could lead to gum disease, cavities, or the need for more root canals.

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