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An oral cyst is a tiny growth that can develop in the mouth. It feels like a little bump and is a small sac packed with fluid. Mucoceles or mucous cysts are other names for these mouth cysts. Oral cysts are primarily harmless, though they may feel strange. You could have an oral cyst or a tumor if you discover a lump or sore in your mouth that doesn’t seem to disappear. Although hearing the word “tumor” may be unsettling, these growths are mostly benign. They can, however, seriously harm the surrounding bone, tissue, and teeth, depending on the size and severity of the growth.

Causes of Oral Cyst

  • Lip or inner mouth damage or injury frequently results in oral mucous cysts. These are some typical causes for this:
  • Lip-biting
  • Inner cheek sucking
  • Piercings
  • Abnormal growth of teeth
  • Using cigarettes or alcohol often
  • Oral hygiene issues.
  • Uncomfortable dentures bring on irritation.

It is considered that a clogged salivary gland under the tongue is what causes oral mucous cysts to form on the floor of the mouth. However, what causes a digital mucous cyst to develop is unknown. Small holes allow fluid in finger or toe joints to leak out. The skin may swell, as a result, creating a cyst. In addition, aging may cause these little holes to appear.

Symptoms of Oral Cyst

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Each time you feel discomfort or notice anything out of the ordinary in or around your teeth, gums, jaw, or face, it might be a sign of a cyst or a tumor. Make an appointment with a doctor and a skilled oral surgeon immediately if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • A wound that doesn’t heal and bleeds easily
  • The tissue becomes thicker
  • Hoarseness or a persistent sore throat
  • Difficulty swallowing or chewing
  • Reddish spots

Although the cysts’ sizes might vary, they are generally between 5-8 millimeters wide. Although the cysts can come in various sizes, they are usually between 5-8 millimeters broad. While they may produce discomfort, they rarely result in pain. Moreover, a cyst might explode. The fluid will seep out, increasing the risk of infection.

Cyst Treatment

It’s crucial to avoid popping or picking at the cyst. An open wound might occur, which might get infected or leave a scar for good. In addition, the cyst will eventually burst as part of the healing process. Then you can clean the cyst with salt water to help avoid infection. To prevent aggravating oral mucous cysts, patients should attempt to refrain from biting or sucking on their lips or cheeks.

If the cyst is bothersome or lasts more than a few weeks, a person should visit a doctor or dentist. A physician or dentist may use a sterile needle to puncture the cyst physically. Furthermore, the doctor may eliminate the cyst by using the following:

  • Laser therapy: A laser can remove the cyst from the skin.
  • Cryotherapy: The doctor may readily eliminate the cyst by freezing it.
  • Surgery: In more severe circumstances, you may require surgery to remove the cyst. Cysts that have repeatedly recurred are more likely to require surgery. In many cases, surgeons also remove the gland caused by the cyst.

A mucous cyst removal is often a risk-free operation. However, occasionally, the procedure itself may cause damage to the surrounding area.

Removal of an Oral Cyst in Richmond Hill, Toronto

A dentist will use a sterile needle to remove the cyst’s fluid as part of professional therapy for an oral cyst to hasten its healing. More cautious removal methods will be employed for potentially infectious cysts or more severe oral cysts.

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