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Teeth may be powerful enough to rip through food, but they are also easily broken. Experiencing trauma, such as a fall, can cause teeth to become dislodged or even fall out altogether. No long-term harm occurs when a baby’s tooth is lost this way. However, adults with a permanent loose tooth may benefit from visiting our Dental Clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

What Causes Tooth Loss in Adults?

Adult tooth loss is almost never accidental. You could first detect some wiggle when brushing or flossing, or your dentist might see it during a checkup. Advanced gum disease can cause teeth to become loose—a bacterial infection of the gums, tissues, and bone around the teeth.

Having bad oral hygiene leads to gum disease. Tartar may get beneath your gums and cause problems if you don’t clean it regularly with brushing and flossing and get professional dental cleanings. The good news is that this disease is treatable. An infection, inflammation, and tooth health can recover if discovered and treated early. Untreated gum disease can spread to the jawbone and destroy it. Without proper care, your teeth will grow loose. Gums that bleed, hurt, or are red are all symptoms of gum disease.

Tartar buildup and pocket depth measurements made with a dental probe are two key diagnostic indicators of gum disease. Those are your gums and the teeth’s margin. A normal depth is between one and three millimetres. Pockets deeper than 3 millimetres may be an indication of gum disease. If your dentist suspects bone loss, he or she may recommend dental X-rays.

Possible theories for adult tooth loss might involve:

  • Teeth Grinding: Unintentionally clenching or grinding your teeth can lead to tooth decay and other problems, including headaches and facial discomfort.
  • Injury: A loose tooth can also result from an injury to the mouth or face. Any force to the mouth, such as if you fell and struck your mouth, may cause this.
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If You Have A Loose Tooth, Here's What You Should Do

Calling an emergency dentist should be your first move if you discover a loose tooth. If you need an emergency dentist appointment, call ORIS Dental Clinics in Richmond Hill, Ontario, whether your tooth is loose following an injury or you suspect you may have gum disease. Do everything in your power to stop your tooth from becoming looser after you’ve made your appointment. Avoid playing with or touching your loose tooth with your tongue.

It is best to refrain from eating anything till treatment. If this isn’t possible, stick to soft meals and stay away from things like apples and nuts. Since you won’t be able to brush or floss regularly, gently rinsing your mouth with warm water after eating will help to eliminate food particles.

Loose Tooth Dental Treatments

Depending on how serious the issue is, there are many dental treatments for loose teeth. After a fall, if your teeth are only a little bit loose, you might be able to wait a few days. Teeth frequently retighten naturally. Simply refrain from using that tooth for chewing and eat softer meals for a few days.

Call ORIS Dental Clinics right away if a tooth is extremely loose or on the verge of falling out. The dentist must put the tooth back into the socket right away for it to survive. A tooth must typically reattach to its socket within two hours to avoid losing it.

In some circumstances, our dentists could advise splinting, which involves joining teeth together to reinforce them and lessen pressure on a single tooth. By tightening or straightening the tooth, you can regain regular chewing without putting undue strain on the loosened teeth.

Regardless of the severity of the issue, it is critical to maintaining oral hygiene to stop decay. Use mouthwash often to destroy bacteria while brushing thoroughly with a brush with soft bristles.

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The dental professionals at ORIS Dental Clinics can assist you if you’re concerned about a wiggling tooth. Patients can call us or contact us online.

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